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(480) 541-4401

Self-Contained Gifted Education

The Kyrene School District believes in providing educational choice and is excited to offer gifted self-contained classrooms at Kyrene Monte Vista elementary school for students meeting program requirements. To qualify for enrollment in a gifted self-contained classroom, students must test at one of the following levels:

  • A score at or above the 97th percentile on any academic subtest on the Cognitive Abilities Test (verbal reasoning or quantitative reasoning or nonverbal reasoning)

Gifted Testing Information

Self-Contained Gifted Model (Mirada and Monte Vista)

Self-contained gifted classrooms are available at two Kyrene elementary schools starting in Grade 2. In the self-contained classes, gifted students are grouped together all day, every day. Students who qualify for this program benefit from the support and challenge provided by a peer group of students with similar academic interests and abilities. Self-contained gifted classes follow regular class size guidelines and students participate in the school's regular art, music and physical education curriculum. Structures such as orientation activities, social events, buddy classes and lunches with the principal are in place to promote student and parent interaction with the rest of the school community.

Students in grade 1 receive support through a gifted cluster classroom model. All kindergarten and grade 1 teachers at the self-contained gifted model schools receive specialized training in working with gifted learners, provide support in a student’s particular area of giftedness, and implement thinking skills lessons.

Questions about Gifted Services?

Visit or contact the Kyrene Gifted Coordinator at 480-541-1282.